“We are a catalyst for invigorating local makers and growers, and we are inspiring and enriching our customers through an encapsulated Hamilton experience”

We live in a time where the world has a deep desire to get back to the basics. A time where we are all looking to take a step back and get in touch with nature, back to the fresh. A time where curious travellers and busy city-slickers stumble through life, looking to withdraw and find perhaps, just one moment of tranquility. You will find this quietude in our store and our products.

Nestled amongst rolling grazing country and the Western Victorian Highlands is a town filled with grand architecture left behind by the regions rich wool-growing heritage. In this town is The Hamilton Hamper. A business born out of the passion of founder Bridget Pern. We, The Hamilton Hamper, are more than just a shop-front. We are a business supporting local growers and producers with an inspiring commitment to profile these businesses and promote our region to all.

The Hamilton Hamper inspiring and enriching our customers through an encapsulated Hamilton experience.

We are dedicated to uplifting and enriching not only the businesses we support, but our customers. Upon stepping through our doors, you will notice we have carefully curated an encapsulated countryside experience. We invite you to share with us, discover and create an emotional connection with everything our rural region has to offer. Be inspired and cherish an escape to the serenity of the country and join our producers in their meticulous passion and dedication for all things local.

We have built relationships with local suppliers, which is critical to our success and constantly seeking new and exciting local products throughout regional Victoria to meet demand from our customers in Hamilton, across Australia and Internationally. This runs hand-in-hand with our aim; to position Hamilton as the true centre of a vibrant growers and makers region in Western and south-western Victoria. So come in or view our online range and indulge yourself in a range of local products, various hampers, gourmet meals and gorgeous gifts celebrating makers and producers.

We are 100% Hamilton. We are proud of our region and its communities, which are teeming with uncapped ambition.

Founder and owner Bridget Pern is a passionate ambassador for makers and growers throughout regional Victoria. She appreciates the commitment, passion and quality outcomes of makers and growers and handpicks the brand stocked in store. There are deep relationships forged with those who find their brands ‘inside the hamper’.

Enjoy exploring The Hamilton Hamper