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Meet the makers: Bec Sharp, Two White Ducks

The more we talk with our maker's of quality products the more we realise their stories are so important in sharing why they do what they do.  Mostly, we are finding our makers business have started out of experiences in life - family sharing of passions for cooking, baking and preparing food.

Bec from Two White Ducks is another example of this! Let's jump into the story of Two White Ducks from Port Fairy, Victoria.

Why is it we always try and do too much in life and then our health is the one to suffer?

That is what happened to the founder of Two White Ducks, Bec.  She was told by the doctor to consider another vocation where she placed less stress on her body. There was then a deep dive into what she loved and was good at. That's when baking and cooking popped into her head. As a child, she had found a love of baking from her beautiful nana, whose house always smelt of chocolate cake. 

Next step to start the journey and start the thinking process.  With her children’s fete approaching, she decided to bake and sell a few things she loved. Packed them up and was amazed by the terrific response and all of the positive and overwhelming feedback from the public.  That was all the confidence she needed to put herself out there and take the risk!

She then asked a good friend who happens to be a very talented graphic designer to create her brand and off she went! Where did the name come from?
Bec opened up the kitchen blind, and there were her two white ducks happily roaming in the backyard! And the rest is history, as they say.

I have been very fortunate to have the support of the gorgeous girls at Relax and Entertain, a
beautiful homewares store in Warrnambool who started selling Two White Ducks, then the
magic of Instagram has helped spread the word. It has evolved from there, which I love.

Never a dull day when you run a small business
It's hard to say what a normal day-in-the-life is for Two Whites Ducks as it's always different, depending on orders and market weekends. Days typically consist of baking and bagging, then delivery day.

Bec is so grateful for a supportive family who often help out! Staffing in capital letters is my amazing HUSBAND!! Honestly, I owe him everything! I also have to thank my children (don’t look too hard, the labels may be slightly too high or crooked!). My beautiful sister, good friends and dad, are often on delivery duty!

Any advice for others considering stepping into 'the maker' space?
My advice; dreams can and really do come true no matter the size! Go slowly and just let it evolve! By my dream coming true I/we have met so many wonderful people along the way that will be friends forever especially within our local market family.

The Hamilton Hamper has grown my business dreams!
What to say about the beautiful Bridget and her store, apart from that they are both amazing!
Her love and support for local and regional products and makers is really something. I will be forever grateful that Bridget contacted me one day to ask if she could stock my product. It really was a WOW moment for me. To have my product sitting pretty on the shelves at The Hamilton Hamper is really a dream come true. Having it in her store has really opened some beautifuldoors for my product.

We like to finish with a few questions about your region so:
Here are Bec's recommendations for places to stay in her region of Victoria.
(Side note: You can eat her muesli for a breakfast a few places in the region.) 

Don't forget her recommendations for places to eat:

  • Bank St and Co
  • Blakes restaurant
  • Coffin Sally
  • The Merrijig
  • The Oak and Anchor

You can find the delicious range of Two White Ducks muesli in-store and online through The Hamilton Hamper.  Whilst your at it you might wish to try this great recipe using their muesli - it is one that Bec recommends!