5 o'Clock Drinks Hamper


For those who love pairing delicious wine with gourmet food.

Grampians Estate GST

Grenache, Shiraz, Tempranillo locally made in the Grampians wine region.

This winery was described by Halliday as an “outstanding winery regularly producing wines of exemplary quality and typicity.” Created from premium grapes and bottled with care to offer a perfectly balanced blend.

Spicy Curry Trail Mix

Made from the Wimmera Mallee’s finest chickpeas and lentils, which provide the backbone to agricultural life in this region. A delicious snack to pair with our beautiful Grampian’s Estate Wine.

Chilli Jelly | Five Ducks Farm

A best-seller here at Hamilton, this jelly is made with organic chillies to produce a bold and delicious flavour. Fabulous when paired with cold meats or on a cheese platter.

Organic Fig Torta | Dalmatia

Another shop favourite that cannot be missed when enjoying afternoon drinks. Dalmatia pairs simple ingredients such as whole figs and almonds pressed together and garnished with a bay leaf. This gourmet torta offers a beautiful aroma and flavour and pairs beautifully with cheese or on its own!

Parmesan and Rosemary Biscuits

Made from locally grown and harvested ingredients, these delightful savoury biscuits are hand baked in small batches to enhance their wonderful flavour.  The perfect little snack to serve with a drink before dinner!

Black Garlic | Springmount

After being hand-peeled straight from the clove and spending 40 days in an oven, Springmount’s black garlic makes for a divine addition to any dish. We recommend you slice thinly and balance on a generous slice of good blue vein cheese with a cracker!

Citrus Marinated Mixed Olives | Mount Zero

Made from premium, hand-picked olives grown on Heritage trees in regional Victoria, Mount Zero’s signature blend is dressed in a fresh marinade of lemon thyme, lemon and orange zest!

Beetroot Artisan Crackers | Valley Produce Co.

Carefully crafted from the finest ingredients, these tasty beetroot crackers are perfect when served with assorted dips to complement pre-dinner drinks.


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