Hamper Morning Session


This is a great way to start the day with these amazing treats.

Pour yourself a bowl of Two White Ducks Toasted Muesli. A lovely combination of nuts seeds, cranberries, raisins and honey and coconut oil with a light crunch.

Continue by boiling the kettle and pour yourself a hot cup of English breakfast LOVE tea, a Melbourne based business that focuses on health and  well being. Lie back and and let The Unnamed Firming and anti-aging sheet mask with Collagen and anti-aging peptides work its magic and will leave you skin feeling renewed, firm, smooth and supple.

If your a sourdough toast person in the morning, make sure you serve it up with Mitch's Raspberry Jam these guys know their stuff and you can't beat homemade. Maybe save it up for some scones, jam and cream Yum!

Hamper contains tea strainer and beautiful MIJ mug!  Your morning rituals begin here...

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