5 O'Clock Somewhere


For those that love a savoury sensation then, go no further...

Henty Estate Chardonnay is crisp and refreshing from our very own Henty Wine Region.

Michels Fine Biscuits Co Crackers - handmade with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Chocomama Cocktail nuts - a delicious blend of mild nuts.

Bizzarri Dolci handmade Peppery Cheddars, the no. 1 best selling biscuit we have sold for years, are so beautiful on their own or on a cheese platter.

Asterisk Kitchen Lavosh vegan Crackers are delicious and bring a prettiness to your platter, handmade with the finest ingredients in Melbourne.

Mitch's Rhubarb Paste so good with any cheese, made with a touch of Cardamon and comes in ready made platter serving jar.

Grampains Olive Co Dukkah - A blend of Australian almonds, pistachios, macadamias and chia seeds with sesame seeds, herbs and spices. Delicious also on Avocado, on toast, fish and roasted cauliflower!

Five Ducks Farm Chilli Jelly - made with organic chillies to produce a bold and delicious flavour. Fabulous when paired with cold meats or on a cheese platter.

Mount Zero Pepperberry and Rosemary Mixed Olives - so hard to not just eat out of the packet!!


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