How's My Hare?

Original Artwork painted by the talented local artist Jill Barber Richardson


Acrylic on canvas and measuring a whopping 122cm x 152cm, this artwork would be a stunning addition to your home.

Jill is a mother of four, living with her husband on a picturesque farm in the western districts of Victoria, Jill still identifies heavily with living on the land. If asked what her profession is her immediate answer is “farmer” and then Painter, and then will quickly add, “I don’t like to call myself an Artist, I prefer painter”.

Jill is represented in several galleries in Victoria NSW and Qld now and works full time in her studio to keep top with demand. In every portrait there is the soul of one of those animals. 

Capturing the personality of a much loved pet, a noble horse, a wise old cow, its much more than drawing on a page. It is a rare talent to capture a kind eye, a tired body, a wise old face of salt and pepper on black muzzle. It is an exceptional skill that Jill Barber Richardson has made her own.

Read more about Jill HERE

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